1979 Swinger Motorhome by Georgie Boy...FOR SALE, $9300
Everything in our family motorhome is very clean and in excellent working condition. We are the second owner and have owned the motorhome since 1989. It has only 24,000 miles on the original Dodge 440 hp engine and new front tires (because of age, not wear). The Swinger name on the exterior of the motorhome was carefully and completely removed many years ago because we felt it was not appropriate for our family.

These pictures will give you a visual tour and include information that will help you make an informed decision. Please email any questions you may have to Richard Ward at neweastside@hotmail.com or call me at 847-487-2555 in Island Lake, Illinois (Hwy 176 and the Fox River, 3711 Hale Lane, just east of the river) The motorhome is in our driveway.  
Asking $1200 for our 1989 Honda Elite 80 2-person motorscooter that fits on the custom rear deck.  A removable ramp allows the 180 pound scooter to be loaded by one person. The motorhome and the scooter may be purchased separately.

The original Swinger Motor Home Owner's Manual and all of the original accessory manuals are contained in two notebooks:

Specifications (see manual for complete listing):

Body Length ......26 feet
Manufacturer......Swinger by Georgie Boy (1979) Model - "Executive Lounge"
Chassis................Dodge M400 (1978)
Wheelbase..........159 inches
Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight....12,190 pounds (Front 4910#, Rear 7280#)
Engine Size........440 cu.in. V-8 (gasoline)
Transmission.....3 speed automatic (with cruise control)
Brakes.................Hydraulic Front Disc, Rear Drum-Self-Adjusting
Tires.............new front tires 8.00 x 17.5D, dual rear tires (all load range D at 60 psi)
Fuel..............Regular  (unleaded with additive)
Fuel Capacity......Main 36 gal, Aux 35 gal.
Fresh water capacity.......Tank 40 gal (plus 6 gal Water Heater tank)
L.P. Gas Capacity.............80 lbs.
Holding Tank Capacity...Septic (black) 35 gal. - Waste (gray) 35 gal.

Roof Air Conditioner...12,000 btu
Onan 4000 watt 120 volt built-in generator (used only 280 hours total)
Awning (16 foot)
Roof Storage Unit and  Rails
Alarm System (2 mile radio range)
Microwave built-in at factory
Custom Motor Scooter Rear Platform and Loading Ramp

The relatively low 24,000 miles (avg. 1000 miles per year) could be a problem IF the vehicle was not regularly started and driven. We followed the professional advice of the dealer and manufacturer. The engine of this motorhome has always started easily and was operated approximately every month when it was not in use. Also the Onan Generator was operated on a regular basis.

This vehicle has never been in even a minor accident and the maintenance records are reasonably complete. The roof has recently been resealed with a heat reflecting coating. Also the caulking of all the windows has been removed and replaced with the recommended sealant from Crystal Valley RV. The main reason that older motorhomes lose their value, is if the roof and windows are not properly maintained.

Please call 847-487-2555 for an appointment to personally see the motorhome. It is in very good condition and you should not be disappointed.

Thank you for your interest...... Richard and Lydia Ward

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SOLD to the Family of John Silberbauer of Spring Grove, Illinois on June 22, 2003Some of our Island Lake neighborhood children were sad to see their playhouse being sold, and were hoping John and his son would change their minds if they did not smile for this picture.